We Love Wellness Retreats

We Love Wellness Retreats

About Ertha

Welcome to Ertha, Europe’s premier DMC for wellness travel, corporate events and wellness retreats, where tranquillity meets professional elegance. We are your one-stop shop for crafting unforgettable wellness travel, event experiences and retreats across Europe. With over 40 years of experience, our team of travel and wellness professionals are dedicated to orchestrating unparalleled wellness travel and event experiences throughout the continent.


Our extensive background in arranging travel merges a deep passion for wellness with a comprehensive understanding of the sophisticated requirements of both businesses and wellness experts. Whether you are a travel agent seeking distinctive wellness holidays for your clientele, a corporate entity aiming to enhance your next conference/ event, or a wellness educator aspiring to extend your influence, Ertha stands as your paramount ally.


For Travel Agents: Discover a treasure trove of wellness programs/ holidays and experiences, meticulously curated to meet your clients’ desires. From serene locations steeped in nature to programs that blend relaxation, rejuvenation, cultural exploration and experiences, we provide you with an array of options that promise more than just a trip; they offer a transformation. We are your one-stop shop DMC for Wellness holidays.


For Corporate Clients: Ertha excels in organising corporate events, conferences, and meetings with a wellness twist. We understand the importance of blending professional requirements with wellness elements to create balanced, inspiring, and productive environments. From selecting the perfect venues and arranging state-of-the-art conference facilities to integrating wellness activities, nutritious meals and cultural experiences, our expertise lies in planning and executing events that are memorable and meaningful.


For Wellness Teachers: While our approach now encompasses a wider audience, our commitment to wellness teachers remains unwavering. Ertha is your sanctuary, a place where you can lead transformative programs in serene settings. We handle the logistics, from accommodations to meal planning, allowing you to focus solely on the growth and evolution of your students.


Our Services Include:


Tailored Accommodation: Find spaces that resonate with your program’s essence, from luxurious hotels/ resorts and quaint retreats to wellness and boutique hotels. Each venue is chosen to ensure comfort, serenity, and an environment conducive to wellness and growth.


Nutritious Cuisine: Savour meals crafted with intent, aimed at nurturing both body and spirit.


Seamless Transport: Experience effortless journeys, ensuring your travel is as tranquil as your destination. We manage all ground logistics, allowing you to arrive at your retreat or event relaxed and ready.


Engaging Activities: Engage in activities that enrich the mind, body, and spirit, carefully selected to complement your holiday, retreat or event. From wellness workshops to physical activities, each offering is designed to enhance the overall experience.


Cultural Experiences: Dive deep into the local culture with guided tours and hands-on experiences. Ertha offers a gateway to explore the traditions, arts, and flavours of Europe, enriching your retreat, event or travels with authentic and memorable moments.


Trust and Transparency: These are the pillars of our philosophy at Ertha. We are committed to crafting experiences that foster connection, growth, and wellness. As part of the Ertha family, you gain a partner who understands your needs, supports your vision, and is committed to walking alongside you every step of the way.


In a world that never stops moving, let Ertha be your peaceful haven. Whether you’re planning a wellness holiday for your clients, a corporate conference/ event, or seeking to impart ancient wisdom through teaching, we are here to support you.


Welcome to the Ertha Family where every journey is an exploration of the soul, a celebration of professional excellence, and a deep dive into the cultural heritage of Europe 🌿

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