We Love Wellness Retreats

We Love Wellness Retreats

Wellness Travel

Your Premier Destination for Personalised Wellness Journeys

As your premier DMC (Destination Management Company) for wellness holidays, we take pride in our dedicated team of seasoned wellness professionals who are passionate about crafting bespoke itineraries and personalised wellness journeys.

  • Experience a Holistic Approach to Travel
  • Discover Serenity in Carefully Selected Destinations
  • Trust in Four Decades of Excellence

Corporate Retreat

Elevate Your Corporate Retreats with Our Expertise

With two decades of unparalleled experience, we stand at the forefront of orchestrating corporate events, conferences, and retreats.

  • Tailored Event Planning from Start to Finish
  • A Curated Selection of Unique Venues
  • Holistic Experience with Wellness, Experiential Activities and Cultural Exploration

Teachers Retreat

Your Sanctuary for Transformative Wellness Education

At Ertha, we are dedicated to empowering wellness educators like you.

  • Elevate Your Programs with Our Comprehensive Support
  • Bespoke Accommodations
  • Nourishing Meal Planning
  • Seamless Logistics Management
  • Adaptable Program Spaces
  • Enriching Amenities and Experiences
  • Cultural Exploration and Experiential Activities

Take time for your wellbeing | Immerse yourself in epic scenery | Explore europe’s culture and iconic sights